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Our Materials & Care

 We work with great, high quality materials so that our pieces can be a staple in your collection. However, there are many reasons that lead to the wear & tear of your jewelry. Here are some more details about our materials & some tips on how to take care of your jewelry.

Gold Vermeil & 925 Sterling Silver 

Gold Vermeil jewelry is simply made from 925 Sterling Silver but plated with a much thicker layer of 14K, 16K or 18K gold than regular Gold plated Sterling Silver jewelry. Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic & very durable making it resistant to wear compared to other types of jewelry. 
Care: Keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry away from any liquids including perfumes & lotions. Remove all jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising. To clean your jewelry, just wipe with a dry, soft cloth at the end of the day to extend the longevity of your pieces. 

Gold Plated Stainless Steel 

Our Stainless Steel jewelry is hypoallergenic & resistant to corrosion especially when worn in water. You can wear our stainless steel jewelry while in the shower or while you swim & we promise you it will not change colors or rust. All of our stainless steel jewelry is plated in 14K, 16K or 18K Gold.
Care: Store in a cool, dry area. Store your pieces individually to prevent your pieces from scratching or getting tangled. At the end of the day, wipe with a clean, dry cloth if needed.

Gold Plated Brass

Gold Plated over brass is simply jewelry made from a metal such as copper and then plated in gold. This material is mostly made for fashion accessories. You can wear these items in the shower however, to increase the longevity we reccommend not exposing it to water too much.

Care: Store in cool, dry area. Wipe clean at the end of the day with a dry cloth if needed,